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Marubeni Group, which the Company is a member of, has established the basic concept of sustainability, including economic and social development and contribution to the protection of the global environment, in the group creed and management philosophy. The Company shares this concept as the member of Marubeni Group.

The Company believes that, in order to maximize medium to long-term investor value, it is essential to incorporate environment, social and governance (ESG) elements in the investment decisions/management processes of real estate investment management, the main business of the Company.

Based on the above concept, the Company has stipulated the basic policy on sustainability initiatives as follows and puts this policy into our practice in our daily work.
Management and mitigation of the environmental burden on the real estate under management
The Company recognizes the environmental burden on the real estate under our management, including energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste discharge and disturbance of the eco systems, and strives to manage and mitigate such burdens in the real estate investment/management process. The Company also strives to manage and mitigate such impact on our supply chain to the greatest extent possible.
Contribution to measures against the climate change
In order to contribute to a decarbonized society (Net zero) and reduce the risk of climate change, the Company improves the efficiency of energy use that leads to greenhouse gas emissions in our real estate operations and considers the use of renewable energy.
Initiatives for health, well-being and resilience in real estate
Through real estate-related initiatives to improve the health and well-being of tenants and local communities, assessment of such needs, and initiatives to enhance resilience to disasters, the Company strives to maintain and enhance real estate value by improving tenant satisfaction with real estate under management, and retaining and attracting quality tenants.
Cooperation and mutual development with the tenants, supply chain and local communities
In practicing environmental and social considerations in real estate, the Company establishes good relationships with important stakeholders relating to the real estate under management, including tenants, supply chains such as property management companies, and local communities, and collaborates with them for mutual development.
Initiatives for employees
In line with the Marubeni Group's human resources strategy, the Company prepares human resource development programs, including specialized training and support for acquiring qualifications. The Company also aims to create a good working environment for a diverse range of employees to work in a healthy and comfortable manner.
Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
The Company aims to be a highly inclusive organization where employees feel a sense of belonging by promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities. For this reason, the Company aims to create an organization in which each and every employee can demonstrate their full potential by properly grasping the situation within the organization and implementing initiatives.
Compliance and adherence with laws and social norms
In conducting business, the Company complies not only with laws and regulations, but also with social norms such as anti-corruption, prevention of conflicts of interest, appropriate management of information, and respect for human rights and diversity, in accordance with the Marubeni Group's corporate policy.
Management of environmental and social risks and opportunities
The Company evaluates and appropriately manages environmental and social risks associated with real estate during the investment and management process, including new investments and monitoring of operations.
The Company also pursues new business opportunities that will lead to increased real estate value from an environmental and social perspective.
Disclosure of ESG information and use of external evaluation
The Company works on the disclosure of ESG information to investors to increase transparency, and considers the use of external evaluations and third-party certifications to make the results of our environmental and social initiatives more visible.
ESG governance structure
In implementing each of the above policies, the Company establishes an internal organization to manage and review ESG issues, including directors as members, and developed a management system with a PDCA cycle that includes management of the status of implementation and periodic review of each policy and approach. In addition, the Company provides training for executives and employees to improve their knowledge and awareness of ESG issues, and cultivates their competencies to promote ESG initiatives.
Established on: December 19, 2019
Sustainability Promotion Committee
Marubeni Asset Management Co., Ltd. has established the Sustainability Promotion Committee with the aim of implementing the Sustainability Policy, improving sustainability and maximizing investor value.
Members of the Sustainability Promotion Committee and its Secretariat
Representative Director and President (Chairperson)
Director and General Manager of the Corporate Division (Secretary General, Executive officer for DEI(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion))
Director and General Manager of the REIT Division (Executive officer of the designated fund, Executive officer for climate-related Issues)
And other managers and persons in charge of actual operations
Decision making and reporting
In principle, the Sustainability Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Committee”) will review and deliberate proposals on specific targets and measures concerning sustainability four times a year, and the chairman, who has the ultimate decision- making authority on the Company’s sustainability related issues, will made the decisions. Status of the progress and achievement of the targets and measures determined at the Sustainability Promotion Committee, in principle, will be reported at the following Committee meetings attended by the chairman, and the Committee will confirm the reported progress. Unsolved issues and findings will be incorporated into the targets for the next term in principle, and ongoing follow-up will be provided. The chairman, who has the ultimate decision-making authority, will report on the specific targets and measures concerning sustainability determined at the Committee, the status of progress and other information to the Board of Directors meetings or regular corporate officers’ meetings of the designated funds or to a decision-making organization that is equivalent to the corporate officers’ meeting.
Establishment of the Environmental Management System Operation Manual
In order to practice the management and reduction of environmental impact as specified in our Sustainability Policy, the Company stipulates “Environmental Management System Operation Manual” detailing the establishment, operation, and maintenance of an environmental management system (EMS) centered on the PDCA cycle. In accordance with the provisions of the manual, the Company carries out environmentally-conscious initiatives through preparing an environmental activity plan as well as targets for the energy consumption, GHG emissions, water consumption, waste discharge, etc. resulting from real estate management.
In particular, concerning energy consumption and GHG emissions, initiatives for reductions are implemented through establishment of “Manual for Promoting Energy Saving” and “Manual for Promoting GHG Emissions Reductions .”
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