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Our Management Policy
Maximization of unitholders' interest
We, Marubeni Asset Management Co., Ltd., aim to maximize unitholders’ interests by heightening profitability of assets under management through providing sound asset management services in addition to providing superior investment opportunities that match the needs of unitholders through maximized utilization of a wide variety of knowledge and experience related to development, investment and management of real estate accumulated by the Marubeni Group.
Internal governing structure that enables thorough compliance and risk management
Based on strong corporate ethics, we establish compliance and risk management structures in addition to observing any and all laws, regulations, rules, etc. We endeavor to maintain reliability by always performing business in an honest and fair manner, in order to gain trust from society and strong support from the unitholders.
Professional team with highly-skilled expertise
To provide the optimum solution in every process of real estate investment, we consistently strive to improve ourselves and aim to provide the asset management services backed by highly-skilled expertise.
Societal contribution
Through provision of high-quality asset management services as our corporate social responsibility, we become proactively involved and take community safety and environment-friendly measures in an aggressive manner.
Basic Policies against Antisocial Forces
Organizational measures
We take actions against unreasonable demands from antisocial forces as an entire organization. Furthermore, we secure the safety of officers and employees who deal with unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
Cooperation with external specialized agencies
We work to cooperate with external specialized agencies including the police and lawyers in preparation for unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
Shut off any and all relationships including transactions
We will not conduct any transactions with antisocial forces and never engage in doubtful cases in which their involvement can be suspected. Furthermore, we will refuse any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
In the case that the existence of doubtful transaction should become clear, we shall immediately take measures such as cancelling the contract.
Legal response by civil action and criminal action when a case occurs
We proactively take legal responses against unreasonable demands from antisocial forces by both civil action and criminal action.
Prohibition of backstage deals and funding
Under no circumstances shall we conduct backstage deals with antisocial forces, fund antisocial forces or provide inappropriate or exceptional benefits to antisocial forces, or solve problems with money.
Marubeni Asset Management Co., Ltd.
President Yoshiyuki Yokoyama
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